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PCLOS Mag: Gtk Lightweight Desktops: Xfce & LXDE Special Edition

The staff of The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine is proud to announce the release of the Gtk Lightweight Desktops: Xfce & LXDE Special Edition. This issue of the magazine is a compilation of all of the Xfce and LXDE articles that the magazine has ran over the past eight months, and will help serve as a reference source for any users wanting to use these lightweight, but mighty, desktop environments.

Available only as a PDF download.

Get Here

or Direct download

PCLinuxOS 64bit

Tex just announced that he is rebuilding packages for pclos 64bit :)

1000 packages already finished

GNOME 2.32.1 desktop updated for PCLinuxOS

The GNOME Release Team have issued version 2.32.1 of the GNOME desktop for GNU / Linux and Unix, the first maintenance update to the GNOME 2.32 series. According to GNOME developer Luca Ferretti, the latest stable release includes a variety of bug fixes, translation improvements and minor updates to the included GNOME packages, such as the Empathy instant messaging app and the Evolution mail client. This update should appear shortly in your Synaptic Package Manager if you have the Gnome Destkop installed.

Welcome to new news portal

Hello and welcome all :)

New portal is now active, and also there is wap support so you can see it nicely with your smart phone.

Users who wish to be active in the portal has to register here, and for the forum there is separate registration.

Thank you for visiting. :)

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