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How To: Logitech Mouse DPI Settings using Lomoco

Postby MerReady » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:47 pm

This is a how to for getting your Logitech mouse dpi set correctly using Lomoco. Credit goes to muungwana from the forums and the Gentoo wiki for this how too.

Lomoco (Logitech Mouse Control) can change the CPI resolutions on some Logitech mice. To change cpi resolution for Logitech mice, install Lomoco from synaptic and do the following.

1) From terminal as su: chmod +x /usr/bin/lomoco
[chris@localhost ~]$ su
[root@localhost ~]# chmod +x /usr/bin/lomoco

2) From terminal: lomoco -i
This is a example what you get:
006.002: 046d:c01d MX510 Optical Mouse (M-BS81A) Caps: RES SMS
Resolution (RES): 400 cpi
SmartScroll (SMS): on
USB Mouse Polling Interval: 10ms

3) Now to change your dpi, type from terminal: lomoco -8
This is what you get:
006.002: 046d:c01d MX510 Optical Mouse (M-BS81A) Caps: RES SMS
Resolution set to 800 cpi

If you need a dpi of 1600 then change -8 to -16

example: 400dpi -4 or --400
800dpi -8 or --800
1600dpi -16 or --1600

4) To make the change permantly, create the following text file: 55-lomoco.rules

Insert the following in your 55-lomoco.rules:

BUS=="usb", SYSFS{manufacturer}=="Logitech", SYSFS{product}=="USB-PS/2 Optical
Mouse", RUN+="/usr/bin/lomoco -8"

Now navagate to your /etc/udev/ folder. Scroll down and right click on rules.d folder and click actions(KDE) and open as root or in Gnome right click and open as administrator. Now copy and paste your
55-lomoco.rules in your rules.d folder.


Now PCLinuxOS will keep your lomoco dpi setting. To make sure your setting stayed just run lomoco -i from terminal. If all went well it should show the setting you set.

Note: Any time you decide to chance your dpi settings and you want to keep it peramant, make sure you edit your /etc/udev/rules.d/55-lomoco.rules file.

Supported devices:

Cordless Mouse Receiver
Cordless MouseMan Optical
Cordless Optical Mouse
Cordless TrackMan Wheel
G3 Gaming Laser Mouse
G5 Gaming Laser Mouse
MX Revolution Mouse
MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse
MX300 Optical Mouse
MX310 Optical Mouse
MX500 Optical Mouse
MX510 Optical Mouse
MX518 Optical Mouse
MX900 Cordless Mouse
MouseMan Dual Optical
MouseMan Traveler
Optical Wheel Mouse
USB Receiver
UltraX Optical Mouse
V200 Cordless Notebook Mouse
VX Revolution Mouse
Wheel Mouse Optical
diNovo Media Desktop Receiver
iFeel Mouse

This was tested in PCLinuxOS 2010.7 KDE and PCLinuxOS 2010.7 Gnome.

This is my first how to so if there is a easier way to do the above let me know. Thanks
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