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Ugly GIMP Splash Fix/Hack!

Postby harryNID » Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:11 pm

Hi all,

Well this is a minor annoyance of mine and as such I didn't know where I should post this so I will do it here in the Sandbox. (Slick50, don_crissti, please feel free to move this if you don't think it it appropriate here.)

As some of you know (and you know who you are) I use the GIMP quite regularly. Well be that as it may I got quite sick, quite fast with the new GIMP splash so I decided to make one for us here using PCLOS GNOME. This is just something personal for us here using PCLOS GNOME.

I think it looks much better but I will let you decide. This is simply if you use The GIMP and don't like the default splash. I made this to go with the default theme SlickNesS.

There are caveats to this though! The GIMP rpm is made upstream from us here so it's up to them what they want to use for the splash. This is a hack and it won't hold up when they update The GIMP again but here it is if you want to use it. You can alway redo this procedure after you update if you want this back.

I have provided the below image so you can take a look at it. Do not use this image though! I'm only using it as where I upload files to won't preview PNG files so I had to make a JPG to show as a preview. There is a link below the image with the actual png file needed.

Preview GIMP Splash:

Link To Actual File:

To install from your user account:
1) Open Nautilus as root (ALT+F2 and type in "gksu nautilus" then password.)
2) Go to "/usr/share/gimp/2.0/images" and make a backup of "gimp-splash.png". (In case you want to switch back for some reason.)
3) Cut-Copy-Paste the new "gimp-splash.png" in.
4) Close Nautilus and open The GIMP.
5) You're Done!

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